Management & Technical Personnel

No Name Experiences
1 Azhar Ibrahim - Chief Executive Officer Entrepreneur since the age of 22 involving in manufacturing of fiberglass products and fabrication of steel products. Over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in the Construction of telecommunications infrastructure.
2 Ibrahim A Jalil - Executive Director Over 35 years of General Management, Marketing and Entrepreneur Development Experience. Knowledgeable in telecommunications infrastructure and broadband development., manufacturing and trading of general products
3 Ir Hj Mohd Hanafi Mohd Ali - Technical Advisor Professional Engineer C&S Engineer; Among others, also Design telecommunications Infrastructure & Telecommunication Towers for telecommunication Operators and SBCs.
4 K Paul Raj
Accounts & Tax
Accounting and Taxation
5 Nur Syamimi Mahadi
Dip IT (PUO)
Accounts & Banking
6 Mohd Amin A Jalil - Assistant Director
MBA (Ohio)
• 25 years experience in sales and marketing of consumer goods, consumer durables and technical products.
• Project Management - site acquisition, tenancy agreement, rental.
• Site supervision and audit and Project Warranty;
• Liaison with PBTs, MCMC, and relevant authorities;
• Liaison with Principals, Suppliers and Contractors
7 Yak SH - IT Engineer 30 years of experience in the ICT industry with comprehensive skills in business development and project management, Started as a line engineer with National Semiconductor later held several business development & project management positions with AutoComp, Palette, Achieve, Fujitsu, GV group etc.
8 Muhammad Syafiq - Project Engineer
Project Management; Project Coordination. Project Construction and Cost Tracking; Costing and quotations; Procurement of materials, machinery and services; Logistics.
9 Arif Bin Ibrahim - Mechatronics Engineer
(UAS, Ulm, Ger)
Since 2008 experienced in machine development, equipment maintenance, marketing & Sales of Solar Cells.
10 Azliya Abu Bakar
CIT Specialist
BA Information (UMS)
Multimedia Specialist